Sunday, January 07, 2007

Visit Our Mosques

I found this cool website which has virtual tours of some of the mosques in Serious ol' Singapore.

This is the only photo I have of Masjid Sultan, taken on my handphone.

I thank God for the mosques that we have in our country.
Yes, there are always people who gripe and complain about how the Government demolished many mosques in the past and replaced them with a few only.
But what splendid, large few they are compared to the ones they replaced!
We must always remember to count our blessings, especially when they are so many like this.
Our fate as a minority Muslim community could be less than rosy, as happened in most other places.
This could have been our destiny.

I spent most of this morning at Masjid Kampong Siglap getting two of my sons tested for the tahfiz program.
Alhamdulillah, Ibrahim was accepted on the spot, and Abdullah was accepted with condition he sit through a tajweed improvement program first.
I am impressed by the philosophy and methodology taken by the Centre.
It is a practical approach, taking into account that the majority of the kids in the program are full time students at secular schools and do not know Arabic.
As such it does not set specific timeframes for achievement.
Mrs Mudpie and I both pray that even if our sons do not complete to memorise the whole al-Quran, which is against the odds in the circumstances, at least they should be able to memorise a few juzu'.
The idea is to imbibe the value and skill of memorisation and reading of al-Quran in them, so that they will be able to do it with ease later in their lives.
It would be better than their parents had.
We didnt have these programs when we were kids.
Insha Allah, with every generation we get better.

We would be such failures if our children do not grow up to be better than us.
Just as the Prophet s.a.w. said that a person whose day today is the same as yesterday has lost, what more if the next generation is the same as today's?

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ihsan said...


I heard that mosques in Singapore gets longer leases, compared to other buildings...I don't exactly know why.

I will always remember Al-Masjid Sultan as the place where Habib Muhammad was given the plot of land to build Ba'alwie. Knowing that so many saints prayed there makes the mosque extra special. Of course, I also love the grand structure.

I hope your sons do well in the tahfiz programme. I was quite impressed with the top PSLE student who is also a hafiz. I hope we produce more kids like that in the future.