Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Lot Like Love

I saw A Lot Like Love on DVD last night.
Save yourself from it next time you come across it.
Bad movie. I think it tried to be an uptodate and cooler version of When Harry Met Sally, but it really missed by a long shot.

Ashton Kutcher is, however, beginning to impress me some.
He has been playing in diverse roles, come to think of it.
I think he has potential, and I think he knows it, to become a leading man of the next decade.

As for this film, I did not find enough redeeming features.
I could not spot any spiritual issues, because the characters were too shallowly developed that I found it difficult to empathise with them.
The romantic element was missing, and the writers clearly tried to shore it up with having the couple having spontaneous sex as a sign of their intense feelings towards each other.
Sex can be a powerful element in a romantic relationship, but in this case it was clear they just didnt have a clue what to do to create the romanctic passion of the couple.

That's why it failed.
The lame attempts at humour didnt help, either.

I borrowed Syriana.
Hope that's better, insha Allah.

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