Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Most Stylish Guide to Life in a Madrasah

This is the handbook for Madrasah al-Irsyad.
I like the way they make the school attractive and cool.
Here's the link to Madrasah al-Irsyad (that's al-Irshad in English).

Thanks to the Light of Eminence.


bLooPhynix said...

Thank you for this link. I really enjoyed reading the student handbook so much that even I want to enrol myself there!

When they first launched the donation derive for Irsyad a few years back, I remember thinking "What? Another one (madrasah)?" But that was a long time ago. Watching my teenage niece and nephew now, I can see that religious classes cannot be reserved for the weekends only.

MudPie said...

Thanks for dropping by, Bloo. And best wishes on your engagement!