Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Syed Hussein Alatas Passes Away

The great thinker of Malay anthropology passed away in KL this morning.

“History is a conflict of two moral types - the predatory and the constructive - and these can be found in all societies, all civilizations”

Among his prominent books are The Sociology of Corruption (1968) , Kita dengan Islam (1972), Modernization and Social Change in Southeast Asia (1972), and The Myth of the Lazy Native (1977). They have left an indelible contribution to the thought behind the policies regarding the Malay people, whether amongst those who agree with him, as well as those who do not. That is the sign of the greatness of an idea, and a sign of the greatness of the mind behind it. May God bless him, and may be be with the One whom he loves. "Indeed from God we come, and indeed to Him is our return."

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