Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sufi Aphorism for the Day

"Men Are Scum."

That's the aphorism for today.
I see so many cases of men treating their women badly, that I believe it is in their nature that they are scum.
One of the girls working for me, she has 3 kids, came back from maternity leave a month ago depressed.
I thought it was post partum depression, but it turned out she discovered her husband had been sleeping over at his girlfriend's place when he should have been at night shift.
Then he had the nerve to try and blame her by saying that she neglected him.
She just had his baby, for heaven's sake!
Then there is this Indonesian retaurant in Kandahar Street which is famous because its owner announces that he has two wives.
Recently Aa Gym took another one as well.
That Dato' in Malaysia divorced his wife of many years, mother of his grown children, who was with him during his rise to success, and married a floozy 20 years younger than him.
Dont get me wrong, I am not saying that men are scum because I think I am better.
Rather I am so frightened that it is something so innate and inherent in us that I pray I am given the strength to resist it and never succumb to it.
This is where the film Closer is informative.
At one point Natalie Portman's character said, there is always the opportnity to be unfaithful, but all you need is to say no.
The Elton John song goes - "It's no sacrifice- it's just a simple word."
Okay, so "Men Are Scum" is not a Sufi aphorism.
But it really should be.
We need to know our weakness so we can keep an eye on it.

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