Monday, January 22, 2007

Abused Children Cant Speak Up

In my years as a criminal lawyer, I have seen some terrible things.
Few are as bad as abuse to children.
Please take a look at this ad and look out for the children around you.
Abuse is more common than we would all like to think it is.
It only stops if other people stop it.

Children are abused precisely because they cannot speak up.
We must speak for them.
Too many children have died due to the silence of others.


ihsan said...


My teacher said the other day that a Muslim should "infaq" his time and expertise for the sake of Islam. She gave the example of a lawyer (of all things!)... a lawyer in the sight of Islam is a defender of human rights.

nor said...

nice bumping into your blog..hope u dun mind me ;)

MudPie said...

Thanks for visiting! You're always welcome.