Friday, January 19, 2007

The Lake House

I watched The Lake House.
It is a nice film with a nice idea and nice feel to it.
Nice soundtrack and nice photography.
Why am I such a wimp for these sad love movies?
And Keanu looks better here than ever.
I think he always looked good, without being too prettyboyish.
Great performances by the cast really pulls this film from what would otherwise have been a flat film.
Both Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves were so believeable, and pulled you into the film with them.
Should watch Keanu.
I got a bit tired of him during the Matrix series.
Have to borrow Through the Scanner Darkly when it comes out.
By the way, the Lake House is written by the same Korean guy who wrote Il Mare, the Korean film upon which the Lake House is adapted from.
There is a good spiritual message in this film, which is well summed up in Spirituality & Practice : Film Review of this movie -
Waiting patiently for love is very difficult in this day and age when we squirm when we have to wait a few seconds for an elevator, get frustrated when we are put on hold on the telephone, and look for instant messages on our computers.
The Lake House operates at a different pace.
The characters linger over their letters and gaze thoughtfully into the distance as they try to absorb their situation.
In one scene Kate sits quietly in a restaurant for hours.
The key to their love is the ability to keep their hope alive while they wait.
And so it often is for the rest of us.

I recommend this film very much.

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