Friday, August 15, 2008

Worships on the eve of Nisfu Sha'ban

(continued from the book, Nisfu Syaaban : Kelebihan dan Amalan, by Syed Hassan bin Muhammad Alattas, Masjid Baalwi. Translated by me, so all errors are mine)

The righteous of the past increased their worship on the eve of Nisfu Sha'ban. Amongst the things they did were -

To recite the surah YaSin
Recite the surah al-Fatihah and YaSin as as many as 3 times with the correct intentions (see my earlier post) followed by the doa of nisfu Sha'ban (below).

To pray tahajjud
Increase the optional (sunnah) prayers at night. This was the practice of our Master the Prophet of God (prayer and peace of God on him). Our Mistress Aishah (may God be pleased with her) said - so long was his prostration that I thought he had passed away.
To perform the tahajjud prayer at night brings great reward. The Prophet (prayer and peace of God be on him) ever said - two raka'at prayer at night is a treasure amongst the treasures of goodness.

The Prophet (prayer and peace be on him) encouraged fasting on the day of Nisfu Sha'ban as stated - If it is the eve of nisfu Sha'ban, arise at night and fast on its day.
Fasting here means to fast on the 15th of Sha'ban, not the 14th. It means the day after recitation of surah YaSin 3 times with the doa.
The intention of the fast is - I fast tomorrow in the day of nisfu Sha'ban as sunnat because of God the Exalted.

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