Monday, August 18, 2008

PM : Muslims, stay engaged

THE Malay-Muslim community should stay engaged with the other races through community and grassroots activities even as they maintain their traditions and religious beliefs, Prime Minister Lee Hsient Loong said in his annual address to the nation on Sunday night.

He also urged mosques to organise events with out community groups to strengthen multi-racial and multi-religious links.

'As we maintain our traditions and practise our religious beliefs, we also need to strengthen our togetherness as one nation,' said PM Lee, speaking in Malay at the the National Day Rally at the University Cultural Centre in Kent Ridge.

'This is how we have kept our society cohesive and harmonious. We must treasure this precious achievement, and do our best to keep it this way.'

He lauded one event which he attended recently as a good example of an activity which reached out to other communities.

The Rahmatan Lil Alamin (Blessings to All) event at the Al-Iman Mosque in Bukit Panjang organised a blood donation drive and provided meals for poor Singaporeans of all races and religions.

Said Mr Lee: 'The food was cooked by volunteers from all the mosques in Singapore. I did not donate blood but I was lucky to enjoy the delicious nasi briyani.'

Summing up his Malay speech, he said the Malay-Muslim community here is building a progressive and well-integrated community of excellence.

'The spirit of the community is strong, united and confident,' he added, pledging that the Government would continue to give full backing and support to the community.

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