Monday, August 18, 2008

The Politics of Mosque-building

Following PM's speech on mosque building in Singapore, Mudpie is thankful to God for the mosques that we have in this country, and the harmony and respect that we have for one another's religions here.

In Europe and America, the bastions of religious freedom, things are not so simple, and our Muslim counterparts face numerous challenges in building mosques.
Mudpie has sympathy for them.
However, looking at some of the mosque designs intended, Mudpie wonders if our Muslim brethren were not also to some extent, insensitive to the feelings of their neighbours.
I mean, build a giant mosque with a 50m minaret in the middle of Germany's cultural capital?
Is that not downright provocative?
Could they not have built a more generic looking building with European flavour, instead of something that looks like the Taj Mahal?
Are they building a place of worship to establish Islam in the hearts of their neighbours, or are they building an Indian restaurant?

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