Monday, August 25, 2008

Dr Alan Godlas' Links on Sufism

Some of you may remember Dr Godlas when he was in Singapore for the Journey to Ihsan Conference a few years ago. He was an interesting person, whom I observed as extremely spiritually intense.

Anyway, he has a website from his university which contains a treasure trove of information on Sufism.

He does not mention Singapore nor much of Malaysia in his list. I guess it indicates what sort of impression we left on him .....

Click on the pic to go to the site....


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Abd al-Haqq said...

Actually, I was really impressed by Singapore and by the tremendous spirituality and hospitality that I found there!

I'm just so busy that I haven't found time to put more links to Islam and Sufism in Singapore and Malaysia on line.

If you would like to put together and annotate whatever links you know of for Islam and Sufism in Singapore and Malaysia, please send them to me.

Jazakallahu khayran,

'Abd al-Haqq

Jazakallahu khayran