Friday, August 08, 2008

True Contentment

Moses asked God to show him one of God's friends. He was told to go to a certain vally. Moses went and found a man dressed in rags, starving, and lice-ridden.
Moses said, "Can I do anything for you?"
The man answered, "Messenger of God, please bring me a cup of water."
When Moses returned with the water, the man had died. He left to look for a piece of cloth to bury him in, and when he returned, Moses found that the body had been mostly devoured by a lion.
Distressed, Moses cried out, "O God, you have made human beings from clay. Some experience great happiness; others are tortured and miserable. No one can understand this paradox."
An inner voice spoke to Moses: "This man relied upon me for everything. Then he relied on you for drink. He should not have asked for help from another after having been content with me."

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