Saturday, July 12, 2008

Muslims babies now form the majority of nonmarital births

Last year, 55.8% of children born out of marriage were born to Malay mothers. This is a surprising fact for a community that forms only 13.6% of the total population.

55.8% of babies born to mothers who were less than 19 years old were also Malay, out of the national total of 820. That means 457 Malay girls below the age of 19 gave birth last year.

Here's the newspaper report on the publication of statistics by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (in Malay).,3617,122654,00.html?

I have no comment. Facts speak for themselves. They say that we're missing something very very big here.


Anonymous said...

Salaam to you

My husband is a secondary school teacher and I'm sadden with the stories he told me about our Malay kids, not sure whether they are Muslims.

Some even don't even know whether they are Muslims.

The main thing that is missing in our youngsters like the ones mentioned by my husband is IMAN.

Islam may or may not be introduced to these kids since they are young, thus, the IMAN is not built. Without IMAN, there is no sense of taqwa(takut) to the CREATOR.


noshi said...

and that is why i've always thought IRK (islamic religious knowledge) shdnt have been taken out of the sec sch syllabus.