Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Khalil Moore Effect

Here's a list of thoughts I gathered from other blogs by fellow Singaporean mudpies about their take on Khalil Moore. Masha Allah. This just goes to evidence the desparate need we have in Singapore for an English speaking shaykh like him. May God bring him here again soon.

The light of Shaykh Khalil Moore by LEMAU.

that "NUR" - "Whoever threads a path to seeking knowledge without a doubt, Allah will thereby make easy for you the path of paradise.".

and finding my inner self

Lingering Thoughts

And here's a video of the qasidah that Khalil Moore recited at the end of his last public talk here. The sound is a little muffled, but dont blame the recording, it sounded just as good live.

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Ihsan said...

Salaam. Just read your comment on the IP. Ah, you lawyers have a thousand buts... but of course, you are right. Maybe I didn't use the correct terms.

Btw, can we be sued for linking to some material on YouTube which is obviously breach of copyright? Just wondering.