Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just He and Me

God made my eyes fall on this while reading on the train this morning -

O my servant, examine carefully the relationship between your being and all the dimensions of my cosmic creation.
Don't you see that you are an inextricable part of its evanescence that is destined to dissipation?
Can't you see the relation of every created thing (and you, too) to what will never dissipate, never fade and never decay?
You have come to peace with me as the One who establishes all my creation, so quit contesting my mastery and desist, through your competing with me in arranging your own affairs, from opposing my essential divinity ...
O my servant, whenever I have made you seem necessary to yourself, it is to test your mettle and see what you're made of.
Whenever you take anything other than me from my cosmos as a sufficient means to the exclusion of me, that will begin to consume you and corrode you.

O my servant, place your anxiety about provision in its proper place.
Whatever burden you release I will bear, and it will never weigh you down.
But if you bear those burdens yourself, I leave you to yourself and your own incapability.
Would I bring you into my home and refuse to give you nourishment?
Would I cause you to appear in existence and refuse to aid you with support and subsistence?
Would I pour you into being without continuous giving?
Would I charge you with guarding rights for me and refuse provision for you?
Would I oblige you with duties and not apportion for you supplies?

So many gifts of infinite variety I have for you.
Through you I've caused my mercy to show forth.
Not content to give you this world, I've stored up even more for you in a future paradise.
As if gardens were not enough, I have promised to present you with the chance to see me directly.
If my actions are like this in the world you experience, how can you doubt that I would exceed it in my boundless munificence?

From the Book of Illumination : Ibn 'Ata'Allah al-Iskandari

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