Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ungu - Surgamu

It's been a while since I've been blogging. I took a breather and went on to Facebook, and pleasantly re-established ties with friends.
Anyway, I have become fixated by the idea of contemporary music as a tool of change. Music and songs have been powerful tools - that's why there are national anthems. Music has been used to conjure change and rouse activity, societal, political and commercial. Why not spiritual? To all who say that music is forbidden, my reply is that no object is in itself wrong, what is wrong is how the object is used.
In this regard, I commend and salute MUIS for organising the Alunankasih contest. They received a lot of flack, but they went ahead anyway, God bless them.
Myself, I have become a recent fan of Indonesian contemporary Muslim music. This song by Ungu is simple, repetitive, catchy and soulful. I think in this song they have moved more hearts to God than hundreds of forums perdanas.
God bless them and may the Prophet be pleased with them.


lil boy blue said...


I was wondering where i could purchase a tongkat like yours. It looks really nice. Aesthethically pleasing, plus it's a sunnah! subhanallah!

May Allah swt reward you for following the sunnah.

MudPie said...

Wa 'alaikum ussalaam

I am afraid my wife bought it for me in London whilst we were at the Kew Gardens, as my 40th birthday present, so I don't think it is easily obtained from Singapore.

Keep searching.

Sorry I couldnt help.