Saturday, February 16, 2008

Late : The Importance of Reunion Dinners

I should have posted this earlier, sorry. This is meant for Chinese New Year, but it applies for all of us, I guess.
Family is the only personalised gift from God.
Treasure it. I am glad that we Singaporean Malays still put in what sometimes seems to be jihadian efforts to meet all our kith and kin for Hari Raya.
It is sad that many of the Chinese are starting to look at their reunion dinners as a bother and prefer to spend the time on vacation.
I pray we never have that happen to us.

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Anonymous said...

Salaam mudpie, stumbled on your blog recently whilst searching news on habib umar's recent visit. Been checking/reading yr blog practically daily..

MudPie said...

Wa'alaikum ussalaam wa rahmatullah
Thanks so much for dropping by. Please feel free to comment. Thanks.