Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tarawih at the renovated Masjid Taqwa

Masjid Taqwa, which is the nearest mosque to my place, was re-opened in time for tarawih. Unfortunately, it is just a renovation, and not much bigger than before.

On the first night of tarawih, my wife did not have space to pray. So for a few nights thereafter we decided to go elsewhere, such as Masjid Baalwi, which was our frequent last year. However, with the kids being in morning session school this year, going to Baalwie, and consequently coming home late, was not feasible.

So we tried Masjid al-Istighfar at Pasir Ris. This turned out wonderful. My father in law and I loved that mosque. Although a big mosque, it had a neighbouorhood atmosphere. Maybe it is because the mosque committee and the imams greeted people as they come into the mosque and gestured them in.

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