Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Il Mare

As you probably know by now, I'm a sucker for sappy movies. I watched Il Mare last night with Mrs MudPie.

Here's a review. There is also a music video from the soundtrack of the film.

Well, this movie was what The Lake House was adapted from. It is definitely different. Without comparing with the Lake House, I would say I liked it.

What is it about love that makes people cynical?
Love is the most natural and divine emotion we can have.
When a child is born, the only emotion it has is unconditional love.
Contrast with impatience and anger, as the Prophet (may God bless Him and give Him peace) said, are not from God, but from the Devil.
So an emotion like love must be from God.
Now, there is love that is pure and free from lust - not just sexual lust, but the lust of the ego, such as people who fall in love to fulfil themselves and to make themselves happy.
The love that is free of all these is pure, and we inherit this from our embedded memories of when we were in the state of bliss before we were placed in our mothers' wombs, when we were in the paradisical pre-beginning, and were directly aware of God, loving Him and basking in His love.
In my opinion, this explains why we all yearn for love in this world, groping to find only incomplete substitutes for the Incomparable.

Back to Il Mare. The thing I like about this film, and The Lake House for that matter, is that because the characters are physically separated by time, there is no possibility of physical intimacy or physical attraction.
In a world where it has become stock of trade for films to portray sex scenes (explicit or implied) to communicate to the audience the passionate emotion between two people, these two films have been able to dispense with it altogether.

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