Sunday, October 01, 2006

We Kill In Peace

Some Muslims killed a nun in retaliation to the Pope's speech. What's the matter with these people? "Islam is a religion of peace. We'll kill you if you dont agree". I am saddened at the state of the Muslims in the world today. We kill women and children and saw people's heads off on video. In the name of Allah and the Prophet. We devise the most ingenious ways to kill as many innocent people as possible. In the name of Allah and the Prophet. And we are surprised (offended, even) that other people think we are violent and bloodthirsty, that the Allah and the Prophet in whose name we kill is the cause of the sickness? We are surprised that a Danish person draws a cartoon that shows the Prophet with a bomb as his turban. Hellooo ... he is drawing what he sees. We are the ones in denial. We are violent. We are killers. We are bloodthirsty. We are the plague (not the blessing) to the Worlds.

It just fortifies my suspicion that a large portion the ummah has been hijacked by Dajjal - who will make people do evil whilst thinking it is noble. They create corruption in the earth to suit their devillish purpose. The US invades Iraq and its the Wahabis who are going on a Shiite killing campaign there. What??? And they are truly against any sort of peace with Israel - because it will lose them the excuse to campaign for the Palestinians - the biggest claim they have to work up poor ignorant Muslims around the world to anger and senselessness.

That is why they are so against Muslims doing things they do not prescribe, such as loving the Prophet, because if we love the Rahmatan lil Alameen, we will realise that he would love all other people, and would not condone any of these goings on. Seriously, would the Prophet kill a nun in Africa for what the Pope said?

We are always yelling and burning for apologies, when have WE ever apologised?

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